свадебные замшевые туфли Киев Москва Сочи Питер luxury wedding bride shoes, lace pump

Верх - итальянская замша

Цвет - пудра

Подкладка - натуральная кожа

Подошва - итальянская кожа

Цвет подошвы - перламутровый беж/беж/золото/красный

Декор - двухъярусный бантик атлас/органза с кружевом и хрустальным шариком

* декор изготавливается по желанию

Спросите нас, мы ON-line

свадебные туфли балетки Candy Lady Киев Москва Сочи Питер Днепропетровск

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Buy wedding shoes can be in Candy Lady, the best designers have made sure that you were the most attractive in the wedding shoes. Your imagination is boundless, you can safely order white sandals, white shoes and white boots. We will make your dreams a couple for 3 weeks for you. Wedding shoes Moscow decorate with flowers, sequins, stones. On the wedding boots, make a beautiful embroidery. Where to buy wedding shoes in Kiev? this question is given by virtually every bride. wedding shoes for pregnant women

Moscow beauty follow the latest fashion trends. Changes in fashion affected not only the everyday images and wedding dresses. Where is in Moscow today, you can buy the most beautiful Moscow Sochi Peter Wedding Shoes? Where to buy shoes? Can be bought in Europe Czech Republic Austria many times seen the beautiful shoes in Paris, Milan, New York, Prague If now spring or summer you can take a course in London boutiques or shop in search of the perfect wedding to buy a pair of shoes. If you have size 35 or a size 34, and even more so if 41 or 42 shoe size, the wedding pair of shoes will be even harder to find. In Moscow, Kiev or you can just call and arrange a meeting with a stylist. If you find it difficult to walk, take ballet flats for a pregnant bride Initially still call stylist will offer you a variety of options for your wedding look. Additionally, you can choose a pair of ready-mix. A wide range of bridal shoes online store, fast delivery, fast manufacturing of shoes. Kiev and Moscow Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia Cherkasy St Petersburg Peter here you can order shoes for wedding party evening shoes also available in the online store Candy Lady wedding and evening shoes

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